Quality Policy

Purpose and Scope

At GreenGuzo, our commitment to excellence is evident through our dedication to establishing, maintaining, and continuously improving a documented and independently accredited Quality Management System (QMS). This QMS is designed to align with the requirements of ISO 9001, serving as a baseline for our quality standards. This policy applies to GreenGuzo AS and all its subsidiaries. Effective as of May 2023, the Compliance Officer will assess and report on this policy annually.

About GreenGuzo’s Quality Policy:

As part of our pursuit to become ISO 9001 certified, GreenGuzo will proactively implement efficient processes and best practices to achieve the following objectives:

  1. More Efficient Resource Utilization: We aim to optimize the use of resources and enhance our financial performance, leading to sustainable growth and success.
  1. Improved Risk Management: We prioritize risk management to safeguard the well-being of our employees, customers, and the environment, fostering a safe and responsible work environment.
  1. Consistent and Improved Services: By maintaining a strong focus on quality, we strive to deliver services and products consistently at the highest level of excellence, exceeding customer expectations.
  1. Value to Stakeholders: We are committed to increasing value for all stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, employees, and shareholders, by continuously improving our offerings.

GreenGuzo’s Quality Policy Statement:

To achieve our commitment to excellence, GreenGuzo upholds the following principles:

  1. Service Excellence: We are dedicated to delivering our services safely, on time, and within budget while demonstrating the highest standard of skill and care in all our endeavors.
  1. Leadership in Quality Management: GreenGuzo sets an example of leadership by fostering a culture of continuous improvement. We actively review business risks and opportunities, understand the needs of our customers and suppliers, and respond to feedback to enhance our services.
  1. Continuous Improvement: We continuously review and enhance our systems and processes, fostering open communication and knowledge sharing among stakeholders to promote a culture of improvement.
  1. Compliance and Best Practices: GreenGuzo diligently complies with applicable legislation, Codes of Practice, and industry-recognized guidelines, ensuring our operations adhere to the highest standards.
  1. Performance Review and Objectives: We set and review performance objectives and targets, customer complaints, and audit programs in collaboration with our professional advisers, facilitating a culture of continuous improvement.

Our Responsibility:

At GreenGuzo, we hold corporate governance in high regard, recognizing its importance in maintaining transparency and accountability throughout our organization. Our responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Chief Executive Officer (CEO): The CEO is responsible for maintaining GreenGuzo’s corporate governance framework, including this Quality Policy.
  1. Compliance Officer: The Compliance Officer ensures the existence of the corporate governance framework and associated documents. They ensure that all corporate governance framework documents and policy documents are published on applicable forums, maintaining a comprehensive register for review.
  1. Chief Performance Officer: The Chief Performance Officer is responsible for keeping the content of the Quality Policy up to date and reporting to the Compliance Officer. They also communicate this policy to customers and stakeholders and conduct training sessions with our employees.

These responsibilities are pivotal in upholding our commitment to robust corporate governance practices, ensuring the continuous pursuit of excellence at GreenGuzo, and fostering a work environment that encourages innovation and quality-driven results.

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