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Welcome to our green and sustainable energy consulting company’s website. We specialize in providing expert guidance on renewable energy solutions, empowering businesses to embrace eco-friendly practices and achieve environmental goals. Join us on a journey toward a greener, more sustainable future.

What We Do

At Green Guzo, our mission is to create a clean and sustainable world through the widespread adoption of electric transport. With the expertise of our advisors and their deep understanding of the industry, we assist public authorities and businesses in implementing cutting-edge charging infrastructure for e-mobility. By bridging the gap between energy and mobility, we pave the way for a successful energy transition. From strategy development and policy-making to procurement and project management, we handle it all to make electric transport a reality.


Our expertise centers on steering strategic processes and formulating all-encompassing charging infrastructure strategies. We excel at delivering clarity and guidance, facilitating informed decisions in electric transportation policy and infrastructure development.


We optimize the process of choosing charging devices, networking solutions, and customer management systems, prioritizing affordability, efficiency, and client contentment. Our approach empowers you to build a user-focused, forward-looking EV charging network.


With our dedicated team of specialists, we manage every phase of your EV charging project, spanning design, construction, seamless integration, and successful commissioning.

Why Green Guzo

At Green Guzo, we are dedicated to driving the transition to electric mobility for both public and private sector organizations. With a wealth of experience spanning over ten years, we have established ourselves as an authority in the EV sector. We offer a wide range of services, from strategy development and advice to purchasing and project management, ensuring a seamless transition to electric mobility. Our clientele includes municipalities, provinces, ministries, NGOs, as well as businesses, real estate sectors, fleet owners, the automotive industry, and charging station operators.
We approach every engagement with enthusiasm and a smile. Join us in building a sustainable future!


At Green Guzo, we embody the true meaning of being driven and result-oriented, all while maintaining a friendly smile. Our team of consultants are true experts, backed by years of experience, extensive knowledge, and a genuine passion for what they do.


At Green Guzo, our well-established network spans Scandinavia and Europe, empowering us to help companies and governments achieve their ambitions for electric transport. Every successful project we undertake brings us one step closer to fulfilling our dream of a cleaner and greener future.

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On Norwegian roads, every fifth car drives with an electric drive, and the market share for new registrations in 2022 was 79.3 percent. The trend towards electric cars is not limited to metropolitan areas but has spread across the whole country. This is made possible by the constant expansion of the charging infrastructure with fast charging stations. There …
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